Become A Sports Mentor Today!

Give back to your fans by allowing them to book video calls with you, download your workout routines and nutrition plans and so much more!

Generate Revenue By Selling Your Mentoring Video CallsYour Workout RoutinesYour Nutrition Plans

How It Works

We take 30% commission from all your sales. The remaining 70% is paid to you immediately at the point of checkout by the customer.

What’s In It For Me?

Capitalise on your sporting past or present sporting prowess and generate revenue from your fans.
Your own online store where you can add all the products you have for sale.
An extra channel where your fans can directly engage with you.

Piggy back on our powerful search engine optimisation practices to stand out from the crowd.

Your store on our website stays open 24/7. Our systems automatically manage your orders for you.

Our software has been engineered with you in mind!

Your payments are automatically sent to you as soon as the customer buys your product(s).

What Do I Need?

For taking video calls, you must have a suitable, steady broadband or 4G connection with upload speeds of at least 2MB/s.

We recommend using a laptop or desktop computer so you are comfortable when joining the video calls.

Most laptops today come with decent webcams and microphones but please ensure that your equipment is of suitable enough quality to give your fans an enjoyable, clear experience.

We do not recommend mobile phones unless they are the latest and greatest tech and you can mount them in a suitable position to avoid camera shake.

As your face will be shown, please ensure that your face is well illuminated.

You must have a willingness to make yourself available to join your fans on video calls.

When you log in to your dashboard you can easily set and change the days and times you are available.

This availability is shown to your fans so they can only book you when you are available.

Put some effort in to designing content which can be downloaded by your fans.

Examples include workout routines and nutrition plans. Remember – some of your young fans will want to perform just like you!

We prefer if these are in PDF format for maximum portability.

We use PayPal to facilitate all payments.

As soon as the customer pays during the checkout step – we take 30% commission and the remaining 70% is immediately paid into your PayPal account.

If you plan on selling video meetings with your fans, you will require a Zoom account with our Zoom App installed.

While you will gain customers from our existing user base and users finding our website, we strongly recommend that you advertise your new online store to your fans on your own social media channels.